Island Club engages rental program in high gear!

     We want to welcome all the new Club members and especially the new participants who recently joined the North Captiva Island Club rental program.  Year over year, NCIC is up 24% in home inventory but owners are not to worry because NCIC has taken action this summer to assure the rental program has great success for all participating.

     On August 1st, 2019, NCIC launched a new pricing system built to eliminate guesswork and increase revenue with Beyond Pricing’s data-driven pricing solutions.  Beyond Pricing brings the same sophistication used by major hotels and airlines to  the  vacation rental industry.  Price changes are based on market demand, ensuring that our listings are optimized 365 days a year. The benefits assure increases of 10 to 40% more revenue per listing, an increased occupancy during low seasons, an increased average daily rate during peak season, holidays and events, hyperlocal competitor insights and listing performance statistics. 

     On August 22nd, 2019, NCIC launched its new improved website at along with a new and improved real estate website at Both websites link together  through the main menu. The new website uses  the latest online booking technology and is completely integrated with our property management system. Basically, the new website is a booking engine  with a website built around it for convenience and marketing purposes. Since August 23rd, the new  website has booked over $200,000 taking the lead in bookings away from Home away bookings.

     On September 25th, 2019, NCIC launched its  first eNewsletter through its targeted integrated email campaign with built in google analytics. On September 25th, as many of you may already know, the welcome email went out welcoming subscribers to check out our new website. Recently, we started adding North Captiva Island relevant stories to our blog and events to our Event section. This information will be integrated with our monthly eNewsletter to provide our subscribers good Island information on Company and Community news, fishing updates, real estate and rental property updates and occasionally Island History stories. Subscribes have increase dramatically since the implementation of the new website  SOW popup subscription feature which allows us  to continue to grow our mailing lists of potential renters and real estate customers.

     On September 30th, 2019, NCIC launched its Rezfusion Boost system which integrates our calendars with Airbnb and, two sources we have not yet capitalized on due to system conflicts. 60 of our properties were just published with Airbnb and we expect to start seeing more bookings from this source right away. is scheduled for integration October 4th, 2019.

     So, with all this action, let’s look at stats to date since August 1st: Bookings made from August 1st through September 30th over the last three years show following relevant information.  Please note 2018 numbers were off due to effects of Red Tide.

      RESERVATIONS MADE     NIGHTS     GROSS REV                                                                                                                 

          2017            148               872                 435K

          2018            126              776                  392K

          2019            265              1586                852k

     The great news, is our new arsonel of tools give us more options now with the huge increase in advanced bookings and with our own website leading the bookings  we will be able to  avoid some unneccessary booking fees and provide better disclosure of island information in advance for our guests.

     In the near future are plans for a new integrated scheduling system for houskeeping and maintenance through a cloud based platform.  This  will allow for better integration amonst staff during crazy Saturdays and provide the staff with a more up to date schedule for their daily work orders.  In addition, by end of October, we plan to implement a door lock system integrated with the unit a/c systems, front desk and the pool area access.  Better tracking of who and when people access the homes will be kept on a cloud based website.