North Captiva Beach Cleanup a big success!

September 21 , 20 fabulous volunteers joined together for a great cause bigger then themselves and joined forces to collaboratively clean our beaches and shores as part of the “International Coastal Cleanup”. This is not to be confused with the equally fabulous Island Cleanup every February sponsored by UCCA, targeting the roads of North Captiva island. 

  This past Saturday’s project was not anything like the beach cleanup UCCA had to do last summer because of Red Tide. This project helped keep the shoreline clean and clean the beach of any poor sea creature that perished during Red Tide.    The local Coastal Cleanup efforts are coordinated in partnership by Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation and Keep Lee County Beautiful as part of the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup. SCCF was gracious enough to donate trash bags, data cards to log what was picked up by each volunteer, disposable gloves, and t-shirts for the first twenty volunteers who wanted one. Volunteers proudly wore their navy blue t-shirts as they were partaking in the beach clean up and it was just a beautiful sight to see. Some watching said it even restored their faith in mankind!   Everyone met on the corner of Hodgepodge Lane near the Fire Station at 9:00am excited to witness the division of their residential beach for assignment. "Thankfully our beaches were in pretty good condition so this was not an arduous task and it was fun" said Sue Ann Cousar, event coordinator and communications secretary of the UCCA.  Knowing we were all collaborating with an international project put the additional spark in everyone's heart to continue to make Upper Captiva island a desirable location for both the thousands of guests who visit our island year in and year out and for all the homeowners and investors who own real estate in our paradisaical island, where on any given Sunday, resembles one of John Constable's masterpieces. All the volunteers had one common denominator in mind- they all wanted to continue saying that North Captiva is a real life painting and while here, we are all closer to heaven. This can only happen if our combined efforts help preserve our beaches- AND THEY DID!.