North Captiva Island Club Employee Spotlight - Phil Heebner

North Captiva Island Club Employee Spotlight

We wanted to take time and show our appreciation for a special employee, Phil Heebner.  Phil has been with North Captiva Island Club since March, 2015.   Phil started out as a maintenance man under the assumption that if he aligned himself with our company values over time, Phil would grow with the company.  Today,  Phil has moved up to the position of North Captiva Island Club's Operations manager.  Phil's department has 18 dedicated maintenance and construction workers who have a strong respect for Phil.   The department is responsible for over $3,000,000 in gross annual revenues generated from maintenance and construction services.  Phil is responsible for keeping up on the Club's facilities and improving the infrastructure.   

Phil is from Indiana and graduated from Taylor University in 1981.  Phil has been in the construction industry his entire career and in 1995 moved to Florida and started his own construction company doing renovations up until 2015.  Back in 2015, I met Phil who was a subcontractor doing a major renovation on my personal residence.  Phil had shown me exceptional service and attention to detail.  In our discussions, he learned a little about my business North Captiva Island Club and was very intrigued with the island lifestyle, so back in 2015, I offered Phil a job in our maintenance department. 

Phil has made a strong impression on our home owners by providing excellent service from naturally showing his qualities of honesty and integrity.  His willingness to please and perform well have shown in many areas and Phil has developed an excellent rapport with our owners and his coworkers.   Phil learns methodically and retains an incredible amount of knowledge, which has allowed him to continually build upon his skill sets.  

Phil's position is not an easy job, having to juggle 3 new build jobs a year, 10 renovations and upkeep on 70 vacation homes around a vigorous rental schedule.  Keeping up on the Club facilities is an important task that Phil does well, so he can assure our customers are being provided a good quality facility.  

We are proud to have Phil on our team and to be able to acknowledge his dedication to the company is an honor.  Click here for a recent construction updated video of Phil and Jack Jeter, a special owner who just recently completed his Island home, a high end custom home on Butterfly Shell Drive.  If you are interested in building a new home or renovating your existing home, contact Phil Heebner or Bryan Brilhart.