North Captiva Island Club is expanding with a New Service Center

Trash disposal on North Captiva is serious business that can become a real mess when not properly processed. With thousands of weekly rentals occurring on an annual basis, the growth of household trash that accumulates must be routinely removed from all the homes, stored for about a week and then barged back to the mainland for the county sanctioned disposal company to pick up. On a monthly basis around 200 cubic yards of trash accumulates and with this much trash comes multiple issues and nuisances.

When storing the trash the containers get ransacked by the raccoons and constantly needs to be cleaned up. In addition, with the dumpsters outside, some islanders in an effort to avoid trash fees, throw their trash over the fence into the dumpster area. During extremely busy  times, the trash dumpster’s overflow and the lids don’t close properly. The accumulation of all these issues causes a real mess and smells horrendous.

In the past, raccoons have been an issue at the homes  when renters and owners leave  trash out for pickup, so overtime every home has set up its own trash storage bin  with fasteners built in to keep the raccoons from accessing the trash cans. This process has shown to be successful in storing  the house hold trash properly at the homes until pickup.

Because that process has worked well, a couple years ago, the Club decided to duplicate this on a much larger scale by designing a waste storage facility to store the dumpsters inside and avoid the mess, smell and other issues that come with the  territory.

While designing this facility, golf cart storage and maintenance issues will  also be  addressed with the building being designed  large enough to accommodate a new golf cart shop and cart storage area. The buildings total size will be 3720 square feet under roof and will also provide additional storage for materials needed. The building will  be  located where  the Club’s septic system is currently located which will be relocated along  the south boundary on Rum Road prior to breaking ground. The new septic system is currently under construction and due for completion around November 1st, 2019.

Bryan Brilhart, the Club owner says “We are extremely excited this building has been approved and will shortly be underway! This is a long time in  the making and will solve four main issues with a proper storage facility and cart storage & maintenance shop. After the building is complete, we have plans for a new golf cart fleet”