Note from the Editor

Bryan, Elaine and Tarah

To keep up with this fast pace world North Captiva Island Club has gone through a major transformation by  updating its website, adding new booking channels and electronic tools to assure the  guest experience is up to par.  Today, travel is one of the fastest growing industries and  has become globalized. More people are traveling today than ever before and experiencing new cultures.   

It wasn't long ago when advertising in magazines,  snail mailing brochures and faxing our guests  was how communication was done and compared to today,  75% of guests booking directly online and  50% through their smart phone shows us how fast things are moving forward.

Travelers are reaching out farther on their journeys as globalization eats away at our customer base but at the same time provides us  new opportunities through the accessibility and organization of travel content online.  The continuous refinement of marketing materials has become the norm for us to keep pace with our competition. 

Recent updates to our websites include a blog, event calendar and a real estate section so to help organize this great content,  we are improving our newsletter to provide subscribers this fresh content monthly. We will focus on bringing you information on the community, company, fishing & wildlife, history, employee & owner spotlights, real estate & construction, recent rental & sales updates, events and emergency notices.  We hope to become your information source for North Captiva Island.   

Because we are all traveling more often, I think this is why when buying a vacation home, the income stream has become more important than ever with the expectation of our second homes funding our vacation budget instead of diluting it.

As a realtor, property manager and contractor, I specialize in helping guests become owners by pointing out opportunities and helping them execute their plans.  We are greatful you have chosen to sign up on our mailing list and recieve our information.  If you have visited or own property, we greatly appreciate helping us support our family of employees, subcontractors and vendors. 

We hope you enjoy the content we provide and find it relevant.  Please feel free to check back on our website blog for updated stories every week.  Also check on our event section for up and coming events.  If you're interested in the real estate market, we have some great new tools on our website to help you evaluate your property or a property you may be interested in purchasing.  Once a month, we will compile all our new monthly updates in this newsletter format and send out to you to help you to find what your interested in seeing.  Thank you again for your support and Happy Holidays to you and your families.